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The First Decade of RCFM

RCFM is here and gone away again. Was a really good year, a bit chaotic and a lot of last-minute efforts - but that's often how we end up pulling together as a family and making a good time for everyone.

Between the Charity Auction, Duckie's Poker Tournament, donations, the annual threat of shaving The Cat, that big donation at Closing (thank you, person who's name I don't remember), and the help of so many good people, we raised $2000 for PCDS. Woo!

We also welcomed Kiran and Alex back on Staff, as well as having Kurse, Keefur, and several others join us for planning next year. We will miss Brim dearly, and said so at Opening and Closing - which were both slapdash affairs that everyone seemed to get a kick out of. And Alex is Staff member X for the next year. (All your fault, hate to say it but...)

We had 242 people here this year, which is just fabulous and exciting. We had very little in the way of advertising and announcements, being a bit understaffing and less organized than we should have been... we made it happen, and it was good. Everybody post Pictures, please!

Next year will be even better. Planning for RCFM 2013, "The Eleventh Hour", will have a surge of optimism and drive, with the passion of an excellent Staff who will be looking forward to it for the next 361 days and be working to make it the best place to be!

That closes out the first RCFM decade. Please send comments to "feedback@rcfm.net" and help us make it all even better. ;)
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