KO (koakako) wrote in rcfm,

Schedule is almost complete!


Meant to post something sooner, but 3D life is just kicking... parts of me around, lately.

This year will be the "relaxicon" that people have been asking to have for years. Not as much on the schedule as last year, and that's a good thing! I even scheduled an hour where I plan to sit and watch the TV in the lobby, because by then I know I'll need to just sit and not do anything for a while. :P

A lot of what the Schedule of Events will be is already up on the site! Check the "Events" tab to see what I mean. (www.rcfm.net)

Of course - some of it needs to be modified and some things need to be added, which I've been doing this morning, but we're also running out of time for any new additions! If there's something you want to do at RCFM, be sure to add your submission by clicking the submissions link on the Events Schedule page of the website.

More changes coming very soon, but keep in mind that the deadline to submit events is rapidly closing in on us. Probably in about 5-6 days will be the last we'll be able to add new events.

See you all in 22 days! :D
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