bushycat (bushycat) wrote in rcfm,

Peep? Dealer table information?

A peep from a longtime dealer....
Hello >^;;^<

I am hoping for a staff member to contact me with further information about obtaining dealer tables for 2012. I went through the registration process and indicated interest in tablespace. No response so far, but I suspect you've been pretty busy getting the convention organized and perhaps haven't had time to contact prospective dealers yet.

I did send a couple of emails, but I might have been trying to contact the wrong staff member. (or their replies were possibly eaten by my over-zealous spam filter) If someone in the know can please email me regarding table availability and reservations, I would greatly appreciate it. I need to finalize my travel plans soon.

Thanks very much!
I know you guys have been very busy with the move to a new hotel and all the delightful details that go with a big move!

I'm looking forwards to another great RCFM.... the theme sounds great.

Stay well, and stay Furry

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