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RCFM Update!

We're getting things done. Promise!
This is copy/pasted from our FA page:

Hey, fellow furs and convention enthusiasts! Long time no chat! =3

We've heard some nasty rumors going on about us, and we feel that it's time for us to lay some of those to rest. First and foremost, yes, there will be an RCFM this year! Though we've had a lot of changes in the RCFM landscape since we closed our doors for 'To The Nines' (not least of which was Brody stepping down as head cat), and a lot of complications thrown our way (malfunctioning computers are not our friends!) we're back on track and prepared to have a convention that's going to blow your socks off! It's our tenth year in existence, after all - how could it be anything but amazing? So let me wet your palettes with a few tidbits of information, so you can start to get prepared for all of the awesome that's coming your way for Memorial Day Weekend.

Hotel: In an effort to meet our convention needs, we're moving away from the Embassy this year (which, while beautiful, is just too much hotel for us. Phew!) and are securing a very nice, much more affordable location near downtown Huntsville, one that's got easier access to food places and the like. There will be an announcement about that just as soon as pre-registration opens up, so while you're registering for con, you can also get your roomspaces lined up!

Pre-registration: Should be open within the next two weeks. The announcement about pre-reg will be in conjunction with the announcement concerning our hotel (oh man, I can't wait to show you guys these pictures!), so keep your eyes and ears open!

Website: Our website is going to get an overhaul, with the help of the most amazing Fossil, who has been more helpful in the past six months than anyone can ever know. (Can we keep him?)

So prepare yourselves, furries! We're gearing up for some fun stuff, and we're excited to have you along for the ride!
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