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We have a NEW HOTEL, and an upgraded WEBSITE!

Hey Y'all!

I posted an announcement on the Home Page of the RCFM website that everybody should go and check out! The contract for 2009 has been signed and the downtown Embassy Suites is now the New Hotel. (You ALSO need to go check out what Bunny and Lacy have been doing to the website. It's just AWESOME! ;> )

This hotel is just FABULOUSLY beautiful, and has more than enough room for RCFM. (No more crowded conspaces!) It actually has enough room for us to expand in future years, if needed. We have a lot of planning ahead to re-organize what we do and how we do it, so it all works in the new place, but it will be SO worth the effort by the time we gather for RCFM: Magnificent Seven!


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