We will have to Cancel RCFM 2014

We know that people have been waiting to hear news about RCFM 2014. My apologies for not saying something sooner, but we've been discussing alternatives for this year and trying to make the convention happen - despite some really bad news. Unfortunately, it looks as though RCFM is going to be cancelled once again.

The hotel in Decatur that we were going to be at had a pipe freeze and break back in January. The flooding practically destroyed a large part of the hotel building, and they won't re-open until sometime this summer. WE just learned about this 4 weeks ago, because they did not tell us about this problem when it happened. They DID, however, shut off their room reservations system. Which we were also not informed of, though it's apparently caused some confusion for quite a few people. Naturally we asked for our (hefty) deposit back and cancelled the contract... and we've spent the past month discussing possibilities, such as campgrounds or renting an unconventional arena space, but we've been unable to come up with some way to host RCFM this year.

We've also spent the past two weeks discussing the idea that maybe we should end RCFM for good, closing the corporate entity, cancelling our 501(c)7 filing, and just fade into the night never to be seen again. I don't like the idea of never bringing the whole Family back together again, but two years of constant struggle simply to find a hotel we can afford has been very tiring on all of the Staff involved.

This issue is not actually settled yet. The poll results (regarding an end to the convention) have been conflicting and those who have passion to continue RCFM are finding their voice, whereas those of us who are worn out from dealing with the hotel issue aren't saying much at all. The campground idea is still on the table, as is the idea of completely starting over with a new name. We've even considered merging with the Birmingham Furs and moving about 100 miles South, but so far we still lack a truly good idea that would allow us to believe that RCFM will continue.

My biggest regret in all this is that we had to tell Rick Griffin for the second time that we would be unable to host the convention at which he was to be Guest of Honor. He is a genuinely nice guy, a popular and talented artist, and he deserves much better than to have been let down yet again.

Actually, we've all been let down. Yet again. And this time it wasn't some unexpected hotel politics, it was simply an act of Nature. Though it WOULD have been nice if we'd known about it sooner, so we could have posted this information two months ago instead of now. I speak for all of the hard-working Staff when I say that we sincerely regret causing any problems or confusion for anyone who was making plans to be here with us this year. If there's any way we could make RCFM happen this year... we haven't found that way yet. And we've certainly been trying to find a way.

We have our memories of years past and new friends made, those people who you now talk to almost every day that you met when you went to that fun and informal little convention in Huntsville. We are still the RCFM Family, no matter where you are in the world or what you're doing today. We still would like to come together for yet another Family Reunion (hopeful name for RCFM 11?), but if we do come together for another RCFM... we do not yet know how or when we will be able to make that happen.

Thank you to everyone who has ever been here with us, everyone who has ever made such good memories at the convention possible, and everyone who has ever done their part - however large or small - to make RCFM the wonderfully good Family that we have become. Thank you so much for making all of our lives that little bit better. I sincerely hope we get together again some day, to make new friends, new memories, new Family.

Hey Gang

  After a delay of launch we are working forward to our next shot of having our next RCFM.  This time it will be in Decatur, just outside of Huntsville, AL

Our GoH is Rick Griffin.  He is a fantastic artist and we look forward to seeing him again.  We are moving forward.  Share the word that we are getting ready for another year!
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Fangcon Newsletter for 2013

Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen, Furries of all ages, you are invited to the Greatest convention in the Furry Fandom. We would entice you join us and our Circus family for the second year of Fangcon http://www.furaffinity.net/user/fangcon/ Fangcon. This year in Knoxville, TN. Our convention Circus circuit has us at a new location, Holiday Inn in beautiful Knoxville, TN! You may start your planning now and making those reservations for our Oct. 31st to the Nov. 4th long weekend. You need to get those front row seats now for the best viewing. You should consider up grading those memberships to our Sponsor and Super Sponsor Levels. We will be adding perks as they come in and likely some secret ones too, to be give out at the con.

Under the Big Top

Part of the entertainment planned will be the popular Furry Drama Show. The show will be offering videos and staged acts of comedy, entertainment as well as musicians too. You may submit your acts to them through their FA account.

The Freak Show

We are gathering up the most amazing and wondrous creatures that the world has to offer. You will gaze in astonishment at the truly bizarre we have found. Some of the people have lives that are beyond amazement. You may believe it or you may not!!! Note the extra exclamation points! We could not add those if this were not true.

Carnie Games of Skills

Test your wits, test your agility and see what you can do. We will be offering up a variety of games that you can win prizes at. Our games will have a low cost to you with proceeds to Tiger Haven with all sorts of prizes you can win!!!

For your Amazement

Our Schedule of events is posted now!! Not a week before the con, not days or even hours but months in advance. We dare to tread where no other con, furry or otherwise can dare to try, doing work in advance! Go ahead and take a look. If you wish to add your act to the fun and games, contact Draconis and Nightwolf (or whoever) and we will add your panel or event also well in advance of the con.

Simply Amazing!!!

Be a part of the excitement, be a part of the fun Benji and Nightwolf will be looking for volunteers of course. When you register you can sign up and be one of our cast. Rub shoulders with some of the most talented Fursonalities in the fandom. One of this our Guest of Honor Artist Kyoht!! Watch her at Fangcon as she works the elements totally unprotected!!! You can watch her here:http://www.furaffinity.net/user/kyoht/ or here:http://kyoht.com

Sell your wares!

Our Dealer Den is full at this time. But if you really want to be in the Den Please register and we can place you on the waiting list as some may have to cancel. Tables are full but contacting Shelby Allen and sign up now this will get you on our back up list.

While the "official" dates are November 1st - 3rd, we will also be doing some fun stuff before the con on October 31st and after on November 4th. We'd love to have you join us. You'll be able to hang out with members of the Board of Directors and staff for some activities away from the hotel. Knoxville, TN has tons of things to see and do so we're taking advantage of as much as we can.

Fangcon, the Greatest Furry Con in the Fandom! The greatest Furry Con in the World! As always please share this newsletter on your FA, LJ, your FB or local mailing list or newsletter. We hope to see you there!!!!


RCFM newsletter 1

Mission Postponed!
RCFM flight normally scheduled for Memorial day weekend has been post phone to a launch date window of June 14-16th, 2013.  
In addition the launch pad where RCFM can be found has also been relocated to Four Points by Sheraton Hotel
1000 Glenn Hearn Boulevard SW Huntsville, AL 35824  This location is at the Huntsville Airport so no need of a shuttle!
All attendees will be entitled to "Free Parking" for this event.
Flight Information
The Guest of Honor for this flight is test subject Rick Griffon known for his online comic House Pets.  He will be there for panels and other
artist related events. Please check out his works at http://www.housepetscomic.com/
To be a part of this historic launch you will need to join ranks with us some time soon at http://www.rcfm.net/registration stay
tuned for when this opens.
 There will be other entertainment also. The Furry Drama Show returns with new music and videos.  As always they (Wilfred Brimley, err
Keefur) will be looking forward to your acts.  We are looking for skits of comedy, Dancing, singing and stand up comedy.  You can also
submit videos too. No performance should exceed 3 minutes.  (Furries have short attention spans you know).
Space Souvenirs
 Are you looking for an extra space rock or perhaps left over Space Shuttle parts?  You won't find them here but we will might fill out
your collection with other unusal items brought from all over the US of A. and put together in one space for your convenience. There is
also those who might have space rocks to sell, not likely, but if wish to be a dealer you may contact Mission Control Officer Yoken here:
Opportunities abound in the Space, Market!
  There are hundreds of skilled jobs being offered in the Space exploration market here at RCFM. Well, maybe not hundreds but a lot. We need
leadership and staff in registering hundreds (really) of tourists to our complex, Artist Alley, Con Book, Marketing, and Newsletter also. If you are
interested contact Snap E Tiger  or better email your interest to  snapEtiger@rcfm.net  Today!  Let him know what you are interested in as well as any experience
you may have.
Please share this vital newsletter on any mailing list or newsgroup you believe will find interest in this valuable information
More news to come as updates come in.
Mission Control Out. 

The First Decade of RCFM

RCFM is here and gone away again. Was a really good year, a bit chaotic and a lot of last-minute efforts - but that's often how we end up pulling together as a family and making a good time for everyone.

Between the Charity Auction, Duckie's Poker Tournament, donations, the annual threat of shaving The Cat, that big donation at Closing (thank you, person who's name I don't remember), and the help of so many good people, we raised $2000 for PCDS. Woo!

We also welcomed Kiran and Alex back on Staff, as well as having Kurse, Keefur, and several others join us for planning next year. We will miss Brim dearly, and said so at Opening and Closing - which were both slapdash affairs that everyone seemed to get a kick out of. And Alex is Staff member X for the next year. (All your fault, hate to say it but...)

We had 242 people here this year, which is just fabulous and exciting. We had very little in the way of advertising and announcements, being a bit understaffing and less organized than we should have been... we made it happen, and it was good. Everybody post Pictures, please!

Next year will be even better. Planning for RCFM 2013, "The Eleventh Hour", will have a surge of optimism and drive, with the passion of an excellent Staff who will be looking forward to it for the next 361 days and be working to make it the best place to be!

That closes out the first RCFM decade. Please send comments to "feedback@rcfm.net" and help us make it all even better. ;)
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doctor OMG

(no subject)

Fun con! Things were a little all over the place, but I'm so glad you guys got the con going this year, and thank you to all the wonderful staff! Thanks too to Fossil for the tattoo work and for being all around awesome, down to earth, and having great stories. I can't wait for next year! The Eleventh Hour is perfect, because Lobo is going to be...Doctor Roo, cosplaying (in suit) as the 11th doctor. Can't wait. :3

Anyone who took pictures of the red kangaroo fullsuit (Lobo Roo) I'd be eternally grateful if you sent me the pictures/linked me to them! I'm Lobo_Roo on FA, obviously this is me here, and my e-mail is kumochan@gmail.com .
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Rest In Peace, Brimstone

This morning, I heard through the Twitter grapevine that one of RCFM's beloved members and former staff, brimstone4172 passed away from heart failure. Brim was on staff when I was welcomed aboard, and he was known both for being a friendly face and being a wicked awesome baker (does "Chocolate Hell" cake sound familiar?). I speak for myself when I say that he will be missed, but I'm certain the sentiment rings true for many of us.

My condolences go out to both Brim's immediate family and our larger RCFM family.

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Looking For A Room

Hello All, Shane here.

With less than a week to go, I'm so looking forward to going to RCFM. :) I have my airfare, my registration (Booster again, yay!) but I currently don't have a room to sleep in.

The wonderful friends I stayed with the last two years aren't able to come this year due to money issues and I can't afford to book a room myself. :(

I'm generally quiet, I keep to myself and most likely will be out and about for most of the day for each day of the con. I will accept any sleeping arrangement (even sleeping on the floor) and am not too picky about the type of people I room with. I will gladly adhere to any room rules set forth and will be respectful of others in the room. :) Money is a little bit tight this year, so I can't afford to pay too much for my share. I am willing to work something out in terms of payment :)

I will be at RCFM starting late Friday morning and will be staying until Monday afternoon.

Thanks in advance and I look forward to seeing everyone at RCFM! :)

~Shane LaFleur~

AIM: SashaFan9278

Yahoo: sashalafleurfan9278

E-mail: sashalafleurfan9278@yahoo.com

Twitter: @DJShaneLaFleur
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