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Rocket City FurMeet 11 Posponed until 2014

It is with a very heavy heart that I write this.

Due to the loss of our contract with the Huntsville Airport Sheraton and the RCFM Board being unable to locate another hotel at a price point we can afford, the RCFM Board of Directors has voted to postpone Rocket City FurMeet 11: All Systems Go! until 2014.

This means there will not be a RCFM in 2013.

What happened?

Late in 2012 the RCFM Board entered into an agreement with the Huntsville Airport Sheraton to host the convention for 2013. Sadly there were a number of misunderstandings on both sides of the table; the hotel did not fully understand what type of a convention RCFM is, and the Board did not realize that the entire hotel is under TSA control. Hosting a furry convention in TSA controlled space would have been an unusual one to say the least - for example, the TSA does not allow full face masks anywhere in space it controls. This would have included fursuit heads.

Upon realizing there was a mutual misunderstanding the hotel allowed RCFM to cancel our contract with no penalty and a full refund of the deposit paid, an option which the Board voted to take.

Immediately following this a search for a new hotel began at a furious pace.

Only one hotel was found that was available and willing to host RCFM in 2013. This would have required changing dates yet again, which the Board was willing to do, but they required a full payment of the entire expense up front, rather than at the end of the convention. We simply could not afford it -- normally hotels require payment at the end of the convention, after we've collected the registration fees from both pre and door registrations -- but in this case they wanted everything well in advance.

What comes next?

The RCFM Board is already looking for a new venue in 2014 that'll let us return to our traditional Memorial Day Weekend date.

On behalf of the Rocket City FurMeet Board of Directors, I deeply apologize for any inconvenience this will cause you. We felt that it was best to not put our attendees in a situation where they might be in conflict with the TSA.

If you have any questions you may contact me directly at bunny@rcfm.net. I might not be able to answer your question, but I'll do my best to get it forwarded over to someone who can.
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